Zaragoza University


Founded in 1542, the University of Zaragoza is one of the oldest universities in Spain and the public university of Aragón, a region with a history dating back to the Roman period that had a decisive role in the construction of Spain. The university has over 40,000 students in its 22 faculties. Its activity is spread along the three provinces of Aragon, with teaching campuses and research centres in Huesca, Teruel and Zaragoza.

Together with thParaninfoe public Universities of Navarre, The Rioja and Lleida, the University of Zaragoza forms part of the Iberus Campus, distinguished by the Ministry as International Campus of Excellence.

The University of Zaragoza is the main centre of innovation and research in the Ebro Valley and has great prestige in variousareas, including the Humanities, both in teaching and research activities.

The Department of English and German Studies has been a pioneer in the establishment of Eramus and other agreements for the exchange of students and staff members from Europe, Latin America, Australia and the USA, and has four established research teams that have been carrying out competitive national and international projects in the last thirty years in the fields of language, linguistics, literature, literary criticism, culture and cinema in English: