Conference Dinner

The Conference Dinner will be celebrated at Taberna de Lillas Pastia, a restaurant awarded with One Michelin Star.

The restaurant opened in August 1995, under the direction of the renowned chef Carmelo Bosque. Born and raised inlillas-pastia-taberna-08 the area of Huesca, Chef Carmelo Bosque and his team offer a modern cuisine that incorporates his rural roots, taking advantage of the outstanding quality and seasonal character of local produce. Ingredients lie at the centre of Bosque’s project. As such, Bosque and his team specialise in the use of the famous «black diamond», the black truffle, since some of the best ones are collected in the area. Their dishes express a clarity of flavor and convey an idea of delicacy, elegance, equilibrium and harmony. Tradition and modernity, technical skill and rural roots intermingle and combine to create a symbiosis thatcasino_325_grande has been deemed, since 1998, worth of a Michelin Star. The restaurant is located in the ground floor of one of the most significant buildings in Huesca, the Casino. Overlooking the main square, the Casino stands out as the most emblematic example of Modernist architecture in the city. In addition to its spectacular facade, visitors can also enjoy the beautiful entrance hall, lobby and main staircase leading to its Blue and Red Lounges, which all date back to 1905.